About Us

Mitchell Blades... a potted history

Mitchell Blades was established in 2002 with the help of the Princess Trust and my supportive family. Since then we have won many awards for our achievements, including 'Best Business in Chester Award', presented to us by the Mayor of Chester on behalf of the Chester City Council.

I began kayaking at the age of nine at the Chester Sailing & Canoeing Club, heavily influenced by the fact both my relatives, David & Peggy Mitchell, between them had attained Gold, Silver and Bronze in Slalom World Championships. Slalom interested me for a while, allowing me to develop basic skills through the gates, until I joined the Chester Youth Centre Canoe Club, and Queens Park High School Club. It was there I discovered the joys of River Running and Playboating in hard wearing plastic boats. Since then I have paddled throughout my life, running many different rivers, and virtually all the various sectors, C1, Sea Kayaking & Surfing etc..

After qualifying in Construction & Engineering I worked in the Building trade, also in Corporate Businesses, and Customer Services. I was looking for a refreshing change when my uncle asked if I would like to work for him at Mitchell Paddles in the USA. I could not resist the opportunity to work abroad making paddles for my dearest passion. During my apprenticeship I was taught all facets of paddle manufacture, from shaping wooden blades, to laying up synthetics.

Mitchell Blades has come a long way since then. I have devised new manufacturing techniques, found new and interesting materials to work with, but most of all, I have designed and developed new moulds which now allow us to produce the successful paddle blades we make today.

Lance Mitchell - Proprietor & Founder Mitchell Blades

Development & News

Over the past six years our new blade profile has gone from strength to strength. We have introduced a variety of blade shapes, some of which are now becoming world famous. Since 2006 we have sponsored many champion paddlers from under 18s to seniors, including highly acclaimed coaches and explorers.

The development of our blades has altered a few times to enhance performance. This is an on going commitment. During 2011 a new construction for our whitewater paddles was devised, and the distribution of our specially formulated tip compound was incorporated through the entire blade area.

We exhibit at certain trade shows and paddle festivals. Since gaining a larger recognition we have become even closer to our customers. We are now supplying paddles to many customers and dealerships across the world.