Our Sponsored Athletes

Sponsored Athletes & Coaches

Our True Champion - Claire O'hara

During the past decade from 2007 to 2017 Claire O'hara has become the most successful female Freestyle paddler of all time, winning a combined 10 World Championship Gold medals in the whitewater kayaking sports of Freestyle and Squirt Boating, (and all with the use of 'Mitchell Blades'). Clare is the only female kayaker to 'win the Double' securing two World tiles on the same day at the ICF 2011 World Freestyle Championships. Then in 2013 she made history again 'doubling her double' by winning both World tiles once more. In 2017 she did it again this time winning her 'third - Double' title! With her huge treasure trove of Gold, Silver & Bronze medals that have been won at countless World Championships, World Cups, European Cups, European Championships and British Championship all over the World, Clare O'hara is now by far Britains most decorated Freestyle Kayaker. Furthermore, she holds World Records in both Freestyle & Squirt Boat disciplines for the highest ride scores in ICF competitions, and, she is also a 2x Guinness World Record holder.

Since 2006 to 2017 we have been sponsoring Clare - 'Our True Champion', and are very proud to state that she has achived all her titles using our famous Mitchell Bades Nemesis & Squirt Boat paddle.

Legendary Explorer & Filmmaker - Justine Curgenven

Justine Curgenven is an award winning adventure filmmaker, the top British female expedition sea kayaker, and creator of the acclaimed “This is the Sea” series of seakayaking DVDs. Justine has been on many challenging expeditions around the globe, including circumnavigating 2400km around the south island of New Zealand. She is constantly planning her next adventure in the pursuit of filmmaking and exploring new horizons.

The Expedition Guru - Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is a world renowned expedition Sea Kayaker, and founder of Sea Kayaking Cornwall. He has chalked up circumnavigations of Japan, South Georgia and Ireland as well as completing expeditions in Norway, Sweden, Alaska and Scotland. Jeff has given presentations and run courses all over the world including:- Iceland, Israel, Maine, Georgia, Michigan, San Francisco, Finland, Norway. His specialities are in Incident management and rough water rescues.

The Sea Kayaking Trickster - Simon Osborne

Simon Osborne has paddled all over the world as well as completing circumnavigations of Great Britain and Ireland. He is best known for being a director at Sea Kayaking Cornwall, and, for being the first to paddle the coast of South Korea. He is a Level 5 – BCU coach, an A5 Assessor, and specialises in surf and skills training. Simon has also rowed across the Atlantic Ocean!

Squirt Boat Champion - Alex Edwards

Congratulations to Alex Edwards who is the current World Champion and current 2x European Champion.

Amazing Guinness World Record Holder - Sarah Outen

Sarah Outen is a brave English Adventurer, who is the first and only woman, (and the youngest person), to row solo across the Indian Ocean. On the 1st April 2011 Sarah set off on her latest expedition 'London to London' Via the World. She has rowed, cycled and kayaked a 25,000 mile journey over 4.5 years. She had to be rescued from a Typhoon in North Pacific, and recued from a Hurricane on the Atlantic. She has endured kayaking some of the worlds trechurious waterways, and cycled accross North America during one of the harshest winters on record. Sarah also become the first ever woman to row across the North Pacific Ocean.

Other High Ranking Sponsors and Coaches

Congratulations to Emma Witherford who is on the Senior GB Freestyle team, and James Ibbotson who is on the Senior British C1 Kayak team.