Our Paddles

Whitewater Paddles

Our highly developed Whitewater paddles are a necessity for kayaking. They have an immensely strong structured blade profile, and are available in many specifically designed shapes to suit paddlers of all sizes and agility. Whitewater paddles have huge diversity, and we can help you choose the correct one that will reduce fatigue and offer you maximum comfort. These light and extremely durable blades are the strongest in the world, and will provide you with the optimum performance you need.  See Whitewater Paddles for information on our various types.

Sea Kayaking & Classic Touring Paddles

Our touring paddles are in a class of their own. It is not recommended to go expedition paddling, or day tripping without one. They sport our immensely strong structured blade profile, and combined with our advanced craftsmanship, they are lightweight and exceptionally durable. Sea kayakers need to consider more aspects when choosing a touring paddle, so we have designed advanced blade shapes to give maximum performance, reduce fatigue and provide ultimate comfort. during your paddling experience.  For more information go to our Sea Kayak Paddle page.