Fabrication & Design

Paddle Fabrication

All our blades are produced from the most advanced state of the art materials and crafted to machine accuracy. Each blade construction 'Style' has a variety of compositions, from a selection of the finest carbon, top grade woven fibreglass and synthetic fabrics, plus high-tech 'aerofoam' cores. The lay-up of these blade materials is construction engineered to ensure optimum strength and durability.

The 'end caps' of our blades contain a concentrate of a specialised glass flake compound. This compound is used as an anti-corrosion apparatus protecting certain parts of jet planes and tankers, but typically in marine constructions to coat structures and oil rig pipelines from the ever eroding sea. Using this compound we have formulated our own unique composition by adding microfibres and resin hardeners. We simply call it the Microfibre compound, and use it in our end caps to provide the blades with super resilient tips. Developed by us we are the only manufacturer in the industry to use it, and not only in the tips, we also use it within our paddles to help prevent wear, increase strength and reinforcement.

Our blade materials are bonded together with tough superior epoxy resin systems, some of which contain 'UV protection'. They are ultimately compressed in our highly polished pressure moulds giving them their brilliant high gloss finish and perfect equilibrium.

Paddle Design

After years of paddling with my Uncles wooden paddles the task of finding a paddle that could match was impossible. When I started kayaking, synthetic paddles were not even in the race, they were no way comparable to wood. However, since then with new technology and materials they have moved on dramatically. I have tried and tested many on the market and none of them had what I was looking for. It left me no alternative but to design my own aqua dynamic paddle.

Spine & Aero-Foam Core

Our blade profile has a flat, relatively, wide spine which allows the paddle to slice effortlessly through the water. The end of the spine blends into the blade and its ridges are rounded off to assist the flow of water across its back. The cavity of the spine, and in our Ultra Core blades, is filled with a special ridged closed cell Aero-Foam. This is an extremely light weight foam, but, the cells uniformed structure integrity makes it very strong in contrast to its density. For example, it can be sanded quite easily, but, it cannot be crushed easily. Aero-Foam silmply keeps our blades very bouyant, and adds structural strength and durability.

End Cap/ Tips

The ends of our new blades have been capped raising up in two tiers to the tip. This gives the blades thicker edges where it is most needed to help prevent wear. It also makes the end of the blades extremely strong, tough and ridged. Combined with the material and our 'Microfibre compound' they're harder than coffin nails.

Incorporated Strength Curl

The curl at the neck of the blade has been kept in from the older design. It has been moved closer to the shaft and acts as a strength feature for both the blade and shaft. It also keeps the surface area ridged compared to most other paddle blades.


The power face of our new blades have a dihedral. This plays a very important part of the design. Paddles without a dihedral catch optimum water, but as the water escapes the blade surface it causes 'flutter/torque'. This can effect your grip because you will subconsciously tighten it, which will stiffen up your strokes, lead to fatigue, and effect your overall performance. An aggressive or, too much of a dihedral will cause power loss by directing water off the blades too quickly. Our blades have a wide dihedral which gently directs the water off the blades surface evenly. This has proven to give our blades 'zero flutter' whilst paddling. The dihedral starts at the neck of the blade and slowly fades out towards the tips so not to effect feathering strokes. Finally, the tip of the blades are scooped in very slightly and the parallel edges of the arc are flat so no power is lost during paddling.

Range, Shapes & Shafts

Our paddles come in a wide range being made up with a variety of different blade shapes and shafts. The range consists of nine different kayaking ‘types’: Freestyle, River Running, Touring, Canoe, Polo, Slalom, Surf, Squirt & Creek. Under each type of paddle specific blade shapes have been designed. Virtually all our shapes are 'asymmetric'. This provides the blade with an equal amount of water pressure on both sides of the lower submerged part of them whilst paddling. Asymmetric shapes greatly reduces torque and flutter when blades enter and exit the water opposed to a symmetrical shape.

All the shafts that we supply are made to utmost quality. They are imported from various parts of the world and designed with built-in 'index/hand grips'. The straight whitewater shafts are available in Small & Standard sizes.

Lance Mitchell