Sea Kayaking Paddles

Expedition High Angle Paddles
Each of our Sea Kayak paddles are well balanced and have a positive feel in the water. By incorporating our wide dihedral, they all offer smooth quiet paddling with zero flutter. These high and low angle blades offer paddlers choice to custom a paddle to their paddling style.

Classic Touring & Sea Fishing Paddles
These classic blades are all based on shapes that have been around for decades. Typically, these shapes are suitable to many high and low angled paddlers, making them the perfect choice for Sea Kayak Fishing, and first time touring paddlers.

The dynamic profile of all these blades described makes them effective and stable in choppy conditions.They are a light construction and offer plenty of strength and durability. Both Straight & Cranked shafts used for these paddles  come with the multi-adjustable 'Lever Lock' connector. Index grips are built-in all the shafts.