Eclipse - 640 cm2

The Eclipse has been designed based on one of our Slalom templates. This combination of touring and slalom produces a unique high angle touring paddle. These blades are relatively slim to allow ease through water, but, they also incorporate a very slightly dipped profile. This allows a high angle paddler to adapted the ease of a low angle paddler style. They have a moderate surface area, which provides a good firm stroke. Overall the Eclipse is ideal for long relaxing paddling, or non tiring speed cruises.

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Paddle Data

Paddle width: 17.5cm
Paddle length: 50cm
Paddle resistance area: 640 cm2
Available shaft lengths:
Straight shaft: 205cm - 210cm - 215cm (can extend 10cm)
Cranked shaft: 205cm - 210cm - 215cm (can extend 10cm)

Available Styles