Whitewater Paddles

Whitewater Sports Paddle

Our Sports blades are technically designed for Freestyle/ Rodeo & Surf paddlers, but they are so versatial they can double up to be used for River Running & Creek boat paddles. Naturally, they are made very strong and durable to stand up to the various forces of persistent kayaking, but like all paddles it is the correct blade size and shape that is vitally important to enhance paddling skill.

Freestyle and Surf paddle mechanics are the same, and we provide a range of shapes and surface areas to custom fit your needs. Blades are designed to grip the water for firm support, furthermore providing greater acceleration and deceleration power in whitewater. Sports blade shapes are typically cut away at the lower neck so paddlers do not catch their boats whilst performing stunts.

Whitewater River Paddle

Generally, River Running paddles have a slightly larger blade size to other types, but the real difference is in the shape. Our river running blade designs give the paddles a definite feel of stability. Careful choice has to be made so reduced fatigue and comfort is provided. A custom fitted paddle will enhance your ability down rivers and creeks immensely. These paddles are designed to grip the water for firm support, provide greater acceleration and deceleration power, which ultimately assists kayaking on turbulent water, and efficient surfing on rivers or the Sea. The recreational paddler should not paddle without one.