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Mitchell Blades Warranty

We take pride in providing you the strongest, lightest, and most durable paddles on the market. Due to recieving very few claims for manufacturing faults since we started producting paddles, we are very confident in the performance of our products.
Blades or shafts that break within the first few times of use, (say within the first couple of months after purchase) may indicate a fault, but, the how, where, conditions and situation still plays a major part. If a paddle has a weakness due to fault, failure normally happens very early, soon after purchase. If a paddle lasts after 6 months, it is unliekly to be a manufacturing fault.
Valid Warranty Terms & Conditions
All warranties apply only to the original purchaser, and will need to include the proof of purchase in order for it to be valid. Paddles will also be required for instpection at Mitchell Blades, and transportation paid for by customer.
  • Warranties are granted purely at our discretion, and will only cover material, or manufacturing faults.
  • All paddles are warranted up to 12 months after final retail customer purchase.
  • Granted warranties will be repaired, paid in the form of product replacement, or money.
  • Order clarification must be confirmed to us by email, order form, or via our website shop for assured authentication.
  • UK delivery and foreign export/shipping charges are not included in the warranty.
  • We offer a 2 year warranty on any bona fide claim declaring a 'Blade' breakage due to a manufacturing fault. This warranty cover is set at 50% off full MSRP. At our discretion we will replace the blade.

Warranty is void under the following conditions:

  • Failures occurring from accidental damage, misuse, abuse, or edge wear & tear.
  • Paddles that fail due to the use of execessive force beyond the designed limitations of the paddle.
  • For any consequential loss or damage, no matter how arising.
  • If the product is used for any other purpose other than kayaking or canoeing.
  • If any damage is sustained while in transit, or on the Merchant's premises.
  • If the product has been used for commercial use, rental or demo, altered, second-hand or cosmetic second, promotional gift/ prize, or sponsorship.

Remember:- Always insure your kit when kayaking in large volume water!